Central Asia Photos

Bukhara city wall, Uzbekistan

Tian Shan Mountains above Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Bread in Ferghana Valley market

View from hotel room window

Bukhara city wall, Uzbekistan Magnificent tiled tomb, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Parliament Building, Bishkek

La Archa National Park outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Granddaughter of women's workshop founder

Russian Orthodox Church

Yurt camp, Djery Oguz Gorge

Bukhara woman

Unfinished minaret

Grandchildren of mattress makers

Grandmothers making mattress

Learning to tie carpets

Japanese ambassador's house

Tea with the potters Tashkent

Dinner on a Bukhara terrace at sunset

Tiled wall of Khan's palace

11th century Sassanid tomb

Detail of tiled wall

Ceiling of madrassa gate

View of valley of Djety Oguz Gorge near Karakol

Inside Tamerlane's tomb

Tamerlane's tomb and mosque

Timurid tomb doorway

Samarkand's grand square, the Registan

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